Feng Chia University establishes iSchool to integrate six practice fields, which can provide innovative and practical tools for students. iSchool opening ceremony will be held on March 12, 2019.

iSchool integrates six practice fields according to various expertise. For information technology, Apps Practice Field provides an Apple Regional Training Center (RTC) for students, and FCU Apple RTC is the first Apple RTC established in Taiwan. In addition, iOS Club and Android Club have been established and are able to encourage students to enroll Apps programming courses.

Programming & Cloud Practice Field introduces Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) and Google Digital Garage for students. Students can use free cloud services for online practice and offline courses. These training courses can enhance students’ industrial expertise to confront future challenge with confidence.

Robotic Solution Cooperative (RoSoCoop) provides innovative design and robotic operation practice field for students. Now, RoSoCoop has equipped 7 big and small robotic arms. Especially, a ten-meter linear track is built for two big ninety-kilogram industrial robotic arms, which can move over 3 meters in distance via linear track. RoSoCoop is the first intelligent construction practice field in Taiwan.

AIoT Practice Field aims on Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) and is focus on Augmented Reality (AR), Robot, intelligent car, and indoor positioning. Technology sandbox is the main thinking and many robots can be used for learning. AIoT provides an innovative practice field for student.

Industrial AI Practice Field aims to be the leader of Industry 4.0. Industrial AI Practice Field cooperates with world-class company. With Rockwell Automation, we built the Connected Enterprise Lab; With Autodesk, we built the Autodesk Design Studio; With Siemens, we built the Cyber-Physical Lab. Students can join world-class industrial project through Industrial AI Practice Field.

Commerce Innovations Practice Field aims to transform the courses of College of Business. Students can have the abilities, knowledge and skills of cross-disciplinary and innovative business model.

FCU six practice fields provide various professional fields for teachers and students to practice, perform experiment and realize it. Every FCU students can embrace technology, practice innovation, and integrate cross-discipline into the future with iSchool.

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